“Surprising personality … and the abundance of intensions”
- Martine D. Mergeay (La Libre, Belgium)

“Myunghyun’s piano has an attractive bright sound. Chopin’s Piano Sonata No.2 “Funeral March” was presented with a dynamic contrast of fast and slow tempos, while Prokofiev’s “Sarcasms” was vividly expressed….” 
- Haruka Kosaka (Hamamatsu, Japan)

“Virtuosity, which enthused the audience”
- Stefano Procacci (Lo Stradone, Italy)


Eddie Kim

Mr. Eddie-Myunghyun Kim

born in 1989 in Seoul, residing in Berlin.

2006-2012 University for Music and performing art in Vienna (Prof. M. Krist) - Diplom/Magister, Postgradual
2012-2019 Berlin University for Arts (Prof. Pascal Devoyon, Rikako Murata, Prof. Mi-Joo Lee) - Bachelor, Master and Konzertexamen

2020 - teaching in UdK Berlin

1st prize in “Roma” international piano competition 2012
Finalist in “Massarosa” international piano competition 2012
3rd prize in “Elena Rombro Stepanow” piano competition in Vienna 2012
1st prize in “Citta di Treviso” international competition 2013
Semi-finalist in “Isang Yun” international competition in South Korea 2013
1st prize in “Don Vincenzo Vitti” international competition 2013
3rd prize and special prize in “André Dumortier” international piano competition in Belgium 2014
special prize in “Geneva” international competition 2014
Semi-finalist in “Dallas” international piano competition in USA 2015
1st prize in “Euterpe” international competition in Italy 2015.
Quarter-finalist in "Queen Elisabeth" international competition 2016
2nd prize in "Manhattan" international competition 2017

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